Laboratory and Non-Laboratory Year in Industry Placements

RB Hull
~ £17,700
12 months, Full-Time

About this job

Job Type: 12 months, Full-Time
Experience level: Undergraduate
Role: Year in Industry Placement
Start date: July 2021
Employer Industry: Health, Hygiene and Nutrition
Company size: 40,000
Company type: FTSE 100
Deadline: 31st October 2020
Degrees Accepted: Any Scientific Degree

Job description

Students undertaking a laboratory-based placement will be: 

- Providing technical input and supporting a range of developments in Scholl. For example, preparing products and documentation for testing with consumers across the footcare portfolio of creams, hard skin removal devices and nail care

- Developing products, solving technical challenges or project-specific analytical testing

- Developing new formulations for Strepsils or Nurofen

- Analysing products, including testing on equipment such as spray pattern testing of aerosols or destruction testing of devices

- Supporting the Microbiology team with performing microbial quality preservative efficacy testing


Students undertaking a non-laboratory-based placement:

- Helping the Global Regulatory Affairs team, working to implement specific rules and regulations that exist for all RB products to be sold around the globe

- Collaborating closely with key stakeholders internationally

- Working with the Consumer Safety team to ensure all products are safe for consumers to use

- Guiding the business towards safer choices in product designs, safety labelling, ingredients and packaging materials

- Supporting RB’s toxicologists in working closely with project teams to apply scientific principles

- Supporting Clinical Study Managers who conduct clinical trials to ensure effectiveness of new products; such as drugs, medical devices or cosmetics.

- Gaining insights into the strict regulatory requirements for conducting clinical trials and the processes to protect human subjects participating in them

Job requirements

  • You must be studying any scientific degree, including but not limited to Chemistry, Biology, Pharmacology, Toxicology, Biomedical Science, Microbiology, Physics, Environmental science, Environmental management etc. However, please note that these placements are not suitable for Engineering students
  • You must be a current student looking for a 12-month placement starting in July 2021.
  • Placements will either be laboratory-based within Research and Development or non-laboratory based in Clinical or Safety, Quality, Regulatory and Compliance - we will discuss with you your preferences and the most suitable placement for your degree
  • For all roles, you should have scientific curiosity, be comfortable working in a fast-paced environment, have strong attention to detail and enjoy the challenge of delivering under pressure
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Laboratory and Non-Laboratory Year in Industry Placements