Lab and Non-Lab Year in Industry Placements

RB Hull, East Yorkshire
~ £17,000
Full time, 12 months

About this job

Job Type: Full time, 12 months
Experience level: Year in Industry Placement
Start date: July 2020
Employer Industry: Health, Hygiene and Home
Company size: 40,000
Company type: FTSE 100
Deadline: 1st November 2019
Degrees Accepted: You must be studying any scientific degree, including but not limited to Chemistry, Biology, Pharmacology, Toxicology, Biomedical Science, Microbiology, Physics, Environmental science & Environmental management

Job description

Students undertaking a lab-based placement will be:

  • Providing technical input and supporting a range of developments in Scholl. For example, preparing products and documentation for testing with consumers across the footcare portfolio of creams, hard skin removal devices and nail care
  • Developing products, solving technical challenges or project specific analytical testing
  • Developing new formulations for Strepsils or Nurofen 
  • Analysing products, including: testing on equipment such as spray pattern testing of aerosols or destruction testing of devices
  • Supporting the Microbiology team with performing microbial quality preservative efficacy testing

Students undertaking a non lab-based placement:

  • Helping the Global Regulatory Affairs team, working to implement specific rules and regulations that exist for all RB products to be sold around the globe
  • Collaborating closely with key stakeholders internationally
  • Working with the Consumer Safety team to ensure all products are safe for consumers to use
  • Guiding the business towards safer choices in product designs, safety labelling, ingredients and packaging materials
  • Supporting RB’s toxicologists in working closely with project teams to apply scientific principles
  • Supporting Clinical Study Managers who conduct clinical trials to ensure effectiveness of new products; such as drugs, medical devices or cosmetics.
  • Gaining insights into the strict regulatory requirements for conducting clinical trials and the processes to protect human subjects participating in them

Job requirements

  • You must be looking for a 12-month placement starting in July 2020 - please note these placements are not suitable for engineering students!
  • Placements will either be lab-based within Research and Development or non-lab based in Clinical or Safety, Quality, Regulatory and Compliance - we will discuss with you your preferences and the most suitable placement for your degree
  • For all roles you should have scientific curiosity, be comfortable working in a fast-paced environment, have strong attention to detail and enjoy the challenge of delivering under pressure
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Lab and Non-Lab Year in Industry Placements